Bulletproof Parenting Investment Jar – Usage Instructions

Further support

If you require further help after reading this document, or find any issues with the app, please get in touch with us via the WebDelve Support portal.
This link is also available under the About section of the app.


  1. Download the app for your operating system from this page.
  2. Once downloaded extract the installer from the ZIP file.
  3. Double click the extracted file to run the installer.


This is your virtual jar of 936 coins. Each coin represents one week of your child’s life from birth until the age of 18 years. These are potential investments… We only get 936 before they reach adulthood…

After adding a child (see “Using the app” below) you will see some information.
The Child’s name, you can add more than one, their age, the coins left, coins spent, and coins to invest.

Coins represent the weeks of a childs life up until they turn 18. Coins left represent the weeks remaining until the child turns 18, and coins spent represent the weeks that have passed in their life so far.
Coins to invest represent the amount of weeks since you last clicked the invest button. If no coins are available for investment this will show 0. Every week that passes another coin will be added, click Invest and they will go down.

Using the app

Basic usage

When you first open the app, you will see an Add Child button, as shown in the following image. As well as a few options along the bottom of the App, we will look at these in further detail later in this guide.

To add your first child simply click the Add Child button, enter their name and birthdate, and click ok. In this example we will add a child called John with the birthdate of the 12th of November 2010.

Now we have a child added, the app will automatically calculate how many coins you have remaining to invest before they turn 18. For this example we can see there in the image, there are 474 coins left and 517 remaining.
You can also see that the Invest button is Active, it is only active and clickable when you have coins to invest in your child.

When you first add a child you will have one coin available to invest. Every week another coin will become available to invest. When this happens the Invest button will become active again.

Once installed the app runs in the background, it will automatically run when you login to your computer and a coin icon, will be displayed in your taskbar. Located at the top of the screen if you are on Mac or in the bottom right if you are on windows.

Right-clicking this icon will allow you to show the app, or quit it. Please note that quiting it via this option will stop the app running in the background until you start it again or restart your computer.
Closing the window will not stop the app running in the background.

Adding another Child

To add another child, click the “Add Child” option at the bottom of the app window.
This will display the same dialog as when you first opened the app.
Enter the child’s name and birthdate and they will be added.

Changing displayed child

To change which child is displayed click the “Children” option at the bottom of the app window.
This will display a dialog containing a list of all the children you have added.
Click the child you wish to view and the main window will display the data for that child.


Clicking the “Settings” option at the bottom of the app window will display a dialog with three options.

Edit Child

Clicking this option will display a list of children in the same dialog.
Clicking a child will allow you to change their name and birthdate.
Click save to save any changes.

Remove Child

This option will allow you to remove children from the app.
When you click a child you will be asked to confirm that you wish to remove them.
Click “Remove” to confirm your choice.

Change notification time

Once a week the app will send you a notification, if the default time is not preferable you can change the day and time the notification is sent by clicking on this option, changing the settings, and clicking “Save”.