Unique products; Innovative Development; User-centric focus. WebDelve is focused on bringing high-quality products to market.

We create awesome Stuff

At WebDelve we strive to create awesome products, not the all singing all dancing type of awesome, but products that are clean, modern, and easy to use, and perform their intended task as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to make things easier for a user.

High Quality

Quality is of the utmost importance to us. Not just in the apperance of the products and projects we work on, but all the way to their core. We strongly believe quality is something that must be built into the foundation of any project. Not bolted on later.

Our Work

We work on a range of different projects, proprietary, client, and open source. We maintain a collection of these projeects in our portfolio, depending on the work.

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Our Team

Christopher Holdt

Owner & Lead Developer

Working his way up, Chris gained experience in a variety of roles, from Software testing, development, and team management to leading the development and architecture of a blockchain solution at Activeledger. Chris is an experienced full stack developer with experience in a variety of languages, methodologies and team management.

Chris founded WebDelve in 2015 as a software development house to create useful and unique projects.

Keith Holdt


Founder of Equity Impact Partners, Keith brings decades of business experience to the table. With a focus on value creation Keith works with Investors, Business owners, and Executives to deliver increased shareholder value equating to over £1,000,000,000.

Creator of the Captains voyage, Keith provides invaluable insight into steering businesses to success.

Edward Smith

Lead Information Researcher

Edward is a Reasearch specialist with expertise in written content. Driven by his interest in digital media, he has worked with a variety of companies gaining experience in a number of areas.

Our Mission

Create products with quality included every step of the way.

Our Vision

Improve the world with good software.

Our Philosophy

Quality should be at the core of everything you do.

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